Two Worlds, One Health.

Humanity has depended on animals for millions of years – for food, clothing, draft power and companionship. It still does. Our health is inextricably linked to animal health: the study, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases are vital to our survival.

At the heart of this relationship lies the discipline of veterinary biomedical and pharma sciences, ensuring the health and well-being of both animals and mankind alike.

Veterinary Biomedical & Pharma Sciences (VBMPS) is a scientific ’congress’ – bringing together scientists across disciplines – that addresses the diagnosis of disease in animals (domestic, laboratory, wildlife, marine, zoo and poultry), detection of communicable infections, animal bioscience research, drug discovery / development and comparative pathology.

The overarching principle for the VBMPS congress is the concept of “One Health”. The programme includes parallel sessions dealing with discipline-specific, multi-disciplinary and professional issues:

-          diagnostic investigations of diseases in animals

-          understanding pathological processes

-          insights into animal models of human disease

-          environmental and pharmaceutical hazards

The Wider Picture

The concept of ‘One Health’ embraces the benefits to humans and animals from sharing information and experience – from both medical and veterinary science – is very much to the fore in public health circles. We anticipate that this meeting will attract colleagues from human medicine as well as those in the veterinary world.

Scientific Programme

The VBMPS Congress lecture programme will offer delegates the opportunity to hear the latest professional developments, science techniques and technical innovations. Click on the link below to see the list of key experts contributing to the VBMPS programme.

The Exhibition

At VBMPS Congress you will be able to find the latest equipment, technology and services used in all aspects on non-human diagnostics.